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Amish Mittal

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I am a soon-to-be final year student at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna where I'm majoring in Computer Science. I work in the intersection of Machine Learning, Software Development and Biology - sometimes Physics.

Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer Intern at building the user authorization and asynchronous dataflow pipeline to communicate with Microsoft Graph. Previously, I worked as a Software Development Intern at the Expedia Group. Last year, I collaborated with Dr. Jimson Mathew and a research scientist at JCBC, University of Cambridge to work on early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using deep learning methods. I have previously worked under Dr. Asif Ekbal and Tirthankar Ghosal at AI-NLP-ML Lab, IIT Patna on Natural Language Processing. Prior to that, I have been a successful Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019 student contributing backend code to the Open Source organization Rocket.Chat.

I would soon be starting an appointment with the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab to work on Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) supervised by Prof. Pattie Maes and Dr. Nataliya Kosmyna.

Please feel free to check out my resume and drop me an email if you want to chat with me!

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Jun '21  

Alzheimer’s detection paper accepted for presentation at BIOKDD (co-SIGKDD 2021)! It can be viewed here!

Jun '21  

Started working as a Software Engineer Intern at the

May '21  

Started working as a Software Development Engineering Intern at the Expedia Group.

May '21  

Selected to attend the Eastern European Machine Learning (EEML) Summer School organized by DeepMind.

Mar '21  

Invited to present my GSoC 2019 project at Rocket.Chat Open Source Alumni Summit.

Dec '20  

Our preprint on Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis using multimodal transfer learning is out!

Apr '20  

Selected as the Coordinator of our Computer Science society - NJACK!

Jan '20  

Started working with AI-NLP-ML Lab, IIT Patna.

May '19  

Selected for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program with the organization Rocket.Chat!

July '18  

Started studying B. Tech in Computer Science at IIT Patna!

Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering
July '18 - May '22

Student Societies:

  • Coordinator | NJACK - Computer Science society
  • Coordinator | Student Mentorship Program and Freshman Forum
  •       Member | Anwesha - Annual cultural festival

Software Engineer Intern |
Jun '21 - Aug '21

Working on the core infrastructure of a venture-backed, early-stage SaaS startup building an AI-powered video call partner which provides contextualized insights on participants’ emotions. Currently building the user authorization and asynchronous dataflow pipeline to communicate with Microsoft Graph.

Software Development Engineer Intern | Expedia Group
May '21 - Jun '21

Retail Product & Technology (RPT) Group. Converging the UI technology stack for all Property demands with an API-first approach to be able to provide for all brands across the Expedia Group.
Powering global travel for everyone, everywhere.

Research Collaborator | JCBC, University of Cambridge
May '20 - Sep '20

Created a novel Deep Learning architecture for Automatic Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease from patient audio signals using NLP techniques and Audio characteristics. Achieved state-of-the-art accuracy (85.3%+) on the Dementiabank Pitt Corpus.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) | Rocket.Chat
May '19 - Sep '19

Designed and developed "Newsfeed" (a social networking feature) for the Open Source application Rocket.Chat. Created a system to retrieve messages from other channels and summarize them to prevent spam in real-time. Worked heavily on scalability and server performance using an adaptive follower/following model.
Technologies – NodeJS, Meteor, MongoDB, JavaScript

Multi-Modal Detection of Alzheimer's Disease from Speech and Text

Amish Mittal*, Sourav Sahoo*, Arnhav Datar*, Juned Kadiwala*, Hrithwik Shalu, Jimson Mathew
20th International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD) with SIGKDD 2021

Reliable detection of the prodromal stages of Alzheimer's disease (AD) remains difficult even today because there is no definitive diagnosis of AD in vivo. We propose a multimodal deep learning method that utilizes speech and the corresponding transcript simultaneously to detect AD. We also perform experiments to analyze the model performance when ASR system generated transcripts are used and further perform an essential study of age and gender bias of our model. The proposed method achieves 85.3% 10-fold cross-validation accuracy on the Dementiabank Pitt corpus.

*Authors contributed equally

Decoding quantum states through nuclear magnetic resonance


Machine Learning for Physics. Built a model to predict the coupling parameters associated with nuclei and electrons given their time-dependent magnetization curve from a spin-echo NMR experiment. Created a weighted ensemble model comprising of 1. Random Forest over statstical time-series features, 2. InceptionTime, and 3. a custom CNN to achieve an R2 value of 0.992 and 0.997 for predictions on coupling strength and dissipation parameters respectively.

Assembler and Emulator for custom machine


Developed an assembler and an emulator for a custom architecture machine consisting of 2 registers, 1 program and stack counter, and some select mnemonics using C++. The assembler can handle comments and data in different numerical bases and can detect multiple errors and warnings in the assembly code as expected. The emulator loads the object file created from the assembler and can trace machine code and produce the memory dump along with identifying runtime errors.

Prototype Multiplayer Parkour Video Game


Created the prototype of a functional multiplayer parkour video game using Unreal Engine 4; along with tutorial videos for it. Used State Machines to control behaviour and animations. It was my attempt to learn about behaviour states and OOPs. Programming Language used - C++.

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